Doctor Who Expanded
Alone in the Dark
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Thirteenth Doctor (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac and James Burnell
Broadcast 3rd July 2011
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"The Time Rapture" "Through Human Eyes"

Alone in the Dark is the Seventh Episode of Time and Space Season 3. It was originally going to be written by James Burnell, but due to time, it was passed to Daniel Isaac to write. Daniel was hesitant to write this episode, because he already wrote more than he planned to write for Season 3, so he decided to keep the same storyline that James had come up with for Episode 7 so that it could be written by both of them. Daniel then wrote the episode with the storyline being the same as what james intended.


Russell is hiding down in the pipeline under the road. He's talking to a mysterious force who's name is unknown. The sun goes down and the entity takes over Russell. Rusell then goes to a house and murders the man inside.

The Doctor arrives on Planet Herix. The entity's voice talks to the Doctor and the Doctor runs to try and find the entity. Rusell remains in the pipeline trying to persuade the entity to leave him alone. The Doctor discovers Russell in the pipeline and pursuades him to come to the tardis to help him.

Inside the tardis the Doctor places Russell into a sleep to read his mind to discover who the entity is. The entity wakes up and knocks the Doctor out. The entity runs outside and gets into a fight with the Doctor. Tricking the Doctor Russell steals the tardis key and runs into the tardis. Stealing it, leaving the Doctor stranded.

The Doctor, having taken his time travelling device before the tardid was stolen, travels to Zack's house in 2009, just before the events of Atoms of the Axos. The Doctor discovers Russell inside. The Doctor tries to save Russell, but the entity, revealing to be Morbius, the renegade timelord, fights back and tries to kill the Doctor. Russell's mind fights back and kills himself, defeating Morbius.

The Doctor walks away and sees his past self and Zack walk. The Doctor walks into the tardis and transports it away and a voice is heard saying Timelord. The Doctor turns in distress to see no one there.


  • A Timelord returns, someone that hasn't been seen since the classic series
  • The voice of the evil creature possessing Morbius is similar to that of House
  • Atoms of the Axos is revisited
  • The Doctor has flashes of Daleks
  • This episode has a horror theme, similar to that of Realm of Darkness and The Child of Nightmares.
  • The Time Travelling Device is in this episode, it is the Doctor's personal Time Travelling Device and is different from that of Crastoff's.
  • Zack and the 12th Doctor are both briefly seen, moments before the events of Atoms of the Axos