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Allan Rafferty
Dr Robin Turner
Allan Rafferty as Dr. Robin Turner in Time Agent
Born Allan James Rafferty
Occupation Actor, writer

Allan Rafferty is a British actor. His most notable work is acting as Dr. Robin Turner in Time Agent.


Rafferty is a solo film maker, which means he is in no amateur production group. However, he has acted in many projects. The most significant of these is his series, Doctor Who, based on the official TV program of the same name, which he produces and plays the Doctor in. He acts in Frostbite, a two-part series.

The most famous of his roles is in the equally famous Time Agent, in which he plays a member of the Dartchester Time Agency team (previously East Region team), Doctor Robin Turner, who is a regular cast member throughout Series 2 and becomes a main cast member during Series 3.

In January 2010 he voiced the part of Greg Hutch in Twine Light Media's Second Life adventure, The Angel. The role of Greg came to an end when he was declinded permission to board the TARDIS. Allan since then has provided help with future stories by Kerian Twine. Allan will voice various characters across the future series & has written episode 2 entitled Treasure Cove,'which is currently in production.

His professional career includes an extra in Waterloo Road, Snuffles the Badger in BBC Jam, John Darling in a performance of Peter Pan and the narrator in Nature Watch - Childstyle.

Prior to being cast in Time Agent, Allan had previously worked with the show's producer, Jaime Carroll, in a couple of sketches for Jaime's Youtube channel. Allan had filmed and edited "Life's a Drag 2" comedy sketch and also starred in a parody sketch titled "Jaime Carroll gets kidnapped!"