Doctor Who Expanded
Dorothy 'Ace' Gale McShane
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 1980's
Travelled with: The Doctor
First appearance: The Weeping Angels!
Portrayed by: Sophie Aldred
Series: Doctor Who Velocity

"Good evening, it sounds like the Weeping Angels are being a right pain in the neck."

Ace was a companion of the Doctor, who traveled with them prior to the Velocity Doctor incarnation. Her real name was Dorothy Gale McShane.

Ace is based on the BBC Doctor Who character of the same name and is portrayed by the original actress, Sophie Aldred.

Character History[]

It can be assumed that this version of Ace's history is similar if not identical to her BBC counterpart, we know for sure that she traveled with The Doctor (either a counterpart to the Seventh or another Doctor unique to the Velocity universe) and at some point prior to 1989 returned to Perivale in London.

In 1989 The Doctor was working as a media studies professor at a university near Amesbury, and attended an illegal rave at Stonehenge on June 22st, the Summer Solstice. The Doctor soon discovered that the Weeping Angels had set up a time loop at Stonehenge, the partygoer were unable to leave whilst the Angels collected the time energy this generated. The Doctor and Ashley head to the latter's workplace, Dial-A-Rave Pirate Radio, and broadcast a warning to discourage anyone else from heading to the party, as well as asking for any information on the Angels plan. Ace, who had been listening to the radio station, phoned in and informed the Doctor that Stonehenge used to be an intergalactic portal, but due to the stones natural deterioration over time the portal would no longer open. With this information the Doctor realised that there was no maliciousness to the Angels plan, they simply wanted to escape Earth and were trying to restart the portal. Realising she can use the TARDIS to repair Stonehenge and reopen the portal, thanked Ace, made plans to meet up with her for breakfast the next day, and headed for the TARDIS. Ace claimed she had, despite this being a different incarnation to the one she traveled with, recognised the Doctor as her 'voice sounded familiar'.

The Doctor arrived in Parivale the next morning but Ace was nowhere to be seen. Calling her on the TARDIS phone, Ace informed her that the Angels knew the Doctor was the only one smart enough to help them escape, but lacking any other way of communicating with her they found Ace. The Angels could take the consciousness of someone who had died and speak through it to communicate, this is what they did to Ace, knowing she was one of the few people who could convince the Doctor to help them. Ace assured the Doctor that the Angels didn't want to kill her but had no choice, a tearful Doctor says goodbye to her friend by telling her that she had always been her favourite companion.