Doctor Who Expanded
A Crack in Time
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"The Master of Worlds" "Earthdeath"

A Crack in Time is the ninth episode of the first season of Doctor Who Time and Space

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"The earth is travelling through a crack in time!"

The Doctor

The Doctor and Zack travel to 2009, only 2 days after Zack left home, to try and find the Master. When they arrive they see a wave of fire spread across all of the earth, when it fades they are in a forest. The Doctor and Zack return to the tardis where Zack asks what happened. The Doctor told him that the crack in time is so big that it is making the earth travel backwards in time until the day it was made, where it will be unmade.

Meanwhile the newly regenerated Master talks to his guards, with the guards telling him that the Doctor is near.

Back with the Doctor, they run out of the tardis to be in a new time, but the Doctor says its to new to be an older time than where they were before, then he realises that his tardis is fighting back, so that they can get to a time that will help them find the Master. The earth then travels back a bit to be at the time when Zack first met the Doctor. The Doctor realises that the computer he blew up to stop the Axon is still running and that he can use it to locate the Master.

After the past Zack and Doctor go away, the Doctor goes onto the computer and locates the Master. Inside the tardis he tells Zack that the Master is 25 years out of sync from the rest of the universe. When they arrive at the Master's destination, the Doctor exits the tardis to be confronted by soldiers aiming guns at him.


The Doctor- James Burnell

Zack Rogers- Daniel Isaac

The Master- Nathan Cutcliffe


- The Master is briefly seen in this episode