A Baron For All Seasons
Season Number: 3
Story Number: 1
Doctor: The Doctor does not appear in this story
Companions: None
Writer: Martin Penny
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: 2009
Running Time: 30 minutes
No. Episodes: 1
Previous Story: Christmas Spirits
Following Story: Blood Money



It is the future. And the galaxy is at war. At the centre of the conflict, the ages-old war between Boralis and the ruthless Skraith is reaching its zenith.

On a space station in neutral space, the major political powers are attempting to stabilise a galaxy in turmoil at the 103rd annual Galactic Economic Conference, hosted by the esteemed but monumentally dull Duke of Drakon. The Baron of Boralis is also attending the conference, and hopes the nations present can broker a peace.

But other powers are also present at the conference. For, behind the scenes, Tor Garane of the Galactic Bank is plotting to take advantage of the financial instability, and has plans to usurp the weaker planets. One such planet, is Earth...

And all the while in Deep Space, a Kilraxxian battle cruiser moves silently nearer....


  • This story features the return of the Baron of Boralis and Tor Garane, both of whom first appeared in The Paradise Machine.
  • The Baron of Boralis explains his reasons for wanting to use the Paradise Machine. He had fallen into a depression due to his people's war with the Skraith.
  • Tor Garane's species is revealed to be Skraith - who are currently at war with the Boralans.
  • Tor Garane's secretary, Rallik, is introduced.
  • The planets which Tor Garane has been buying have been mentioned, or appeared in, previous Planet Skaro Audio adventures. They include Gidi, Mogador and Kalrexi.


  • The Doctor does not appear in this story, with the main character being the Baron of Boralis.
  • The story was originally written to be a minisode, before being expanded into a full prequel episode.


  • The Baron of Boralis - Phillip Madeley
  • Tor Garane / Killraxxian - Martin Penny
  • The Duke Of Drakon - Chester O'Neill
  • President of Earth & Newsreader - P-Bal
  • Rallik / Killraxxian Leader - Si Hunt
  • Computer Voice - Simon Hart


  • Written by Martin Penny
  • Produced by Si Hunt
  • Directed by Si Hunt
  • CD artwork designed by Pip Productions


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